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& Prices

Come on tour with Bára Whitewater Rafting to experience rapids created by the Nova Scotia tidal bore, and the massive volume of water it brings to the beautiful Shubenacadie River!

Full Trip $85+Tax

  • Kids 12 and under $80+Tax

Upper/Lower Section  $65+Tax

  • Kids 12 and under $60+tax​

*Groups 8 or more will receive a $5 per person discount!


Please note: Guests should arrive

1-hour before.

What to Bring
  • Old clothes are the best as the water can stain light color clothes.

  • Old shoes or sandals (must be secure  on feet- no crocs or flip flops)

  • A change of clothes and a towel for after your trip-you will get wet!

Free Extras(!)
  • All guest receive a full digital album from our boat-mounted camera (when available)

  • Mudsliding is available on all rafting tours at no extra cost!

  • All tour options include a free snacks afterward, and there are hot showers waiting for you when you're done!

High Tide Rafting

Thrill-seekers? This one is for you!

Non-stop action awaits you on our high tides. Producing tide heights up to 35ft, this is a trip for the adventure seeker!

Medium Tide Rafting

A great ride for all ages!

The Goldi-locks of tides- not too big, not too small- this trip is just right! You'll get wet, and have a blast on the river.

Low Tide Rafting

A less intense ride but still lots of fun!

This tidal tour is an excellent trip for families, new riders, and anyone who wants to get wet and experience whitewater rafting Shubenacadie river-style!

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