Non-stop action awaits you on our high tides. Producing tide heights up to 35ft, this is a trip for the adventure seeker! 



$85  Full Trip

$65  Half Trip


This tidal tour is an excellent trip for families, new riders and anyone who wants to get wet and experience whitewater rafting Shubenacadie river style!


$85 Full Trip

$65  Half Trip


The Goldi-locks of tides- not too big, not too small- this trip is just right! You'll get wet, and have a blast on the river.


$85 Full Trip

$65  Half Trip


Mud Sliding Mud up to your knees. Up to 15 feet of sliding freedom. Get as dirty as your heart desires. 

Mud up to your knees. Up to 15 feet of sliding freedom. Get as dirty as your heart desires. Mud Sliding is included with all rafting tours.



This adventure is the full deal! We travel to the mouth of the Shubenacadie River, where it enters into the Cobequid Bay. As we wait for the tide to start to push its way in, you'll be able to play on the river floor. When the moment is right, it's everyone back in the boat and get ready to ride! After many sets of rapids, there is an opportunity to mud slide on the banks of the Shubenacadie River. Mudsliding is on a time limit however, as there are more rapids to conquer. Still want more adventure? Want to feel the force of the tide for yourself? Then it is out of the boat and into the river for you! Don't worry, your driver will pick you up before he motors home!


FREE BBQ included


   (Approximately 2hr)

The first half of the tour starts with a mud slide (optional) on the river banks. From there the raft travels to the mouth of the river to meet the tide. The force of the incoming water creates the rapids we are all there to experience! The adventure finishes back at the launch where warm showers await dirty and wet riders!


FREE BBQ included


   (Approximately 2hr)

Much like the first half, this tour begins with mudsliding (optional). Then it's onto rapids, rapids, rapids! This adventure offers passengers an opportunity to jump out of the boat and drift with the tidal force before heading back to the launch for showers. 

FREE BBQ included

What To Bring

  • Old clothes are the best as the water can stain light colour clothes.

  • Old shoes or sandals (must be secure  on feet- no crocs or flip flops)

  • A change of clothes and a towel for after your trip-you will get wet!

CALL: 902-305-1434

Full Trip $85+Tax

Kids 12 and under $80+Tax


Half Trip $65+Tax        

Kids 12 and under $60+tax

Groups 8 or more will receive $5 per person discount


Guests should arrive 1 hour before tide time

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