Our Driver and Mission


Jeffrey Harrington is co-owner and head driver of Bára Whitewater Rafting. With over 10 years on river experience, he is excited to be able to bring clients onto the water he loves so much. The "other half" of the business is Melissa Yorke- while she's more behind the scenes than Jeff, she is just as dedicated to making your trip an awesome experience!


 The Shubenacadie River provides a unique rafting experience, in fact, the only tidal bore whitewater rafting worldwide. Over approximately 4 hours the water levels can rise 30 feet, and this rushing water combined with natural funnel waterway creates this phenomenal experience.


Our mission is to provide clients with a great ride and 5-star service every step of the way. We love this river, and we want you to love it too! Contact us today- (902) 305-1434 or



So What Is The Tidal Bore?

 The Tidal Bore is a wave caused by the funneling of the tides as it enters a long, narrow, shallow inlet against the natural out going flow of the river. This phenomenon happens twice a day. 


Were Tidal Bore Got Its Name

The Tidal Bore got its name from the old Norse language, Bára which means wave or swell of water. 


CALL: 902-305-1434

Full Trip $85+Tax

Kids 12 and under $80+Tax


Half Trip $65+Tax        

Kids 12 and under $60+tax

Groups 8 or more will receive $5 per person discount


Guests should arrive 1 hour before tide time

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